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Nickname: latefall

Location: Lancaster (Pennsylvania), USA

Zodiac: Taurus

SHOEs: slides
Shoe size 10

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Member since: Aug 01 13
Last login: Mar 11 24
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I am:
lesbian, inbetween, non-smoker

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About me:
I've taken care of family members for years and its finally my turn. I still love doing things for others. But I also want to take care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That includes having that special someone in my life. Been out of the dating scene a long time. Cant deny that its pretty scary.....

This is what I like:
I look forward to trying new things. I tend to be introverted and like doing things in or around home. I love flea markets and auctions, and finding the type of things that you see in the old black and white movies. I love quiet lazy mornings, just sleeping in, sipping coffee, and cuddeling. Its a must that my partner be my friend, and be able to 'weather the storms'. To be able to always talk it out before things get ugly and out of control. To be supportive of each other.

This is what I don't like:
Dishonesty. Selfishness. Being Mean. Treating relationships as though they are disposable---throw it away and get a new one. Labels. I don't understand labels. I am the woman that God made me. No more, no less.

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Green: You and me babe... how about it...?

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