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Nickname: latefall

Location: Lancaster (Pennsylvania), USA

Zodiac: Taurus

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Jan 07 21, 19:30

Sad Day

by latefall, (

It has occurred to me that when I write I must seem pessimistic. I don't consider myself a pessimist. But, rather a realist. If you put a pile of crap in a beautiful box it is still a pile of crap.
So, the fact is, I was not at all surprised by yesterday's tragedy. I also believe there is more violence to come. This is why I couldn't be elated that Biden won. I knew there would be violence. Half
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Oct 26 20, 16:52


by latefall, (

I've never been involved in politics. I've never believed that politics are effective in any way. Rather I've viewed it as a game. The player with the most money wins. Just as in poker, you may find an exception occasionally. But, that is not the norm.
In the 2016 presidential election 58.1% of those eligible to vote did so. So, the majority spoke. What if this happens again? What if the majority
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Apr 21 20, 03:30

Boats in the storm.

by latefall, (

A few weeks ago I wrote a loonngg, rambling, rant when I was angry. The next day I deleted it. Words are supposed to communicate. I had said nothing that made any sense.
Recently someone wrote what I was trying to say.
They said, "Please don't tell me we are all in the same boat. We are not. We all all in the same storm, but, some of us don't even have a boat. Some of us have a leaky boat. Some of
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