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Nickname: latefall

Location: Lancaster (Pennsylvania), USA

Zodiac: Taurus

SHOEs: slides
Shoe size 10

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Member since: Aug 01 13
Last login: Mar 11 24
sam7 on Oct 03 22, 22:40

hey latefall, nice of you to check in :D long time no see.. I was busy somehow :-S but it's a good time to get back on here (shoe) and see how y'all doing 
Freesia on May 03 22, 19:40

:passingoverapresent :passingoverapresent :passingoverapresent
Happy Birthday Latefall :-)
:passingoverabdcake :passingoverabdcake :passingoverabdcake  
DeniseP on May 03 22, 07:27

Happy Birthday dear latefall :hug @->-->--- :passingoverapresent :passingoverabdcake :openingbottleofchampagne hope you're fine.
Have a nice day :D  
Xantharia on Apr 25 22, 23:15

Hi latefall, how are you doing?
DeniseP on May 03 21, 07:19

Happy Birthday dear Latefall @->-->--- :passingoverapresent :passingoverabdcake :openingbottleofchampagne :champagne :hug
Have a beautiful day :D :D :D  
Freesia on May 03 21, 01:28

:passingoverapresent :passingoverapresent :passingoverapresent
Happy Birthday Latefall :-)
I hope you have a lovely day
:passingoverabdcake :passingoverabdcake :passingoverabdcake  
anemone on Jan 11 21, 11:38

Hi latefall,
Have a great day. :-)  
anemone on Jan 07 21, 18:28

Hi latefall,
I really liked your comment on my bubble. Over the years I've formed the opinion that one can never recapture the best of our memories(even if we tried). It seems to me a pointless exercise because the good memories we all like to cling to seem to get better the farther away they are from our actual daily lives & I think we all have a tendency towards viewing them through the haze of nostalgia (which always makes them seem more beautiful & better than they probably were - if we could view them objectively).
Thanks for expressing your opnion........... :-)Anemone  
anemone on Jan 07 21, 13:11

Hi Latefall,
Just a reaction to your Nov 28th post. In my opinion, what you expressed really made sense. Looking at the situation from both sides. Ideal would be finding the golden middleway between both. But there's still so much we don't know about COVID-19, that I find it difficult to make a definite judgement on the matter. 
Mone on May 04 20, 09:53

Happy belated Birthday dear latefall. I hope you had an amazing day. Stay healthy. :openingbottleofchampagne :passingoverabdcake :passingoverapresent :champagne :hug  
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