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Dec 18 17, 02:29

The cat did it!

by latefall, (

Just got back from an emergency room visit with my friend. She called and said she had fallen while having dinner at another friends house. She tripped on a rug, fell on her face and was pretty sure she had broken her nose....AGAIN! This would be the fourth time it had been broken.
Normally I'm a pretty good friend. I try to be comforting and supporting in such situations. But, two years ago, the third time she broke it, the cat did it. Come on! You can't say that without laughing. No way!
So, two years ago, we get to the hospital. They take her aside and ask if she's a victim of domestic abuse. She says no, really, the cat did it. Instead of asking 'How?', they asked 'Why?' That's when I pretty much just doubled over laughing.
The answer is because he's a big, spoiled, brat. He took a flying leap into her arms when she wasn't ready. He landed squarely on her face.
A few weeks later there was an appointment with a nose specialist to see what, if any, correction was needed.
The staff really tried. But, they couldn't help laughing either. It was the first time they had heard the excuse that the cat did it.
Hmmmm? I wonder what code that was for insurance billing?
Any way. Tonight she's saying she has to find another specialist. She can't tell the doctor that she's broken her nose for the fourth time.
I tried to be encouraging. But, I was laughing too hard. I kept remembering all the whispers. "Is that the one with the cat"? I'll really try and do better by the time we see the doctor.
Btw, this is how we are. We're never mean to each other. We laugh at situations instead of getting upset about them. And the cat-Garfield-he did apologize, and promised to give her proper warning whenever he's going to leap onto her.

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kitcat on Dec 18 17, 03:20

What Kind of Story....poor woman...!
And such a cat.... ;-)  
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