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Nickname: latefall

Location: Lancaster (Pennsylvania), USA

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Feb 08 19, 17:52

New phone

by latefall, (

A friend was the victim of homophobia on Sunday. I guess I'm writing this because I still can't believe it. Thankfully there was no violence or physical harm. Still, it was upsetting. So, here's what happened....
A few days prior my friend had gone into a store to buy a new cell phone. My friend is straight, but looks very butch. That day the saleswoman was helpful and polite. The phone my friend
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latefall on Feb 08 19, 21:51

The first hour I tried every excuse. She might be new, she might be confused, etc. By the second hour my friend has had it. I told her to remain calm and polite. Not to leave without her new phone. Would I have remained calm and polite? Idk. But, I thought that by walking out the ignorant person would win. By the third hour my friend and I were speechless. She didn't even stop by my my house she was so angry.
It wasn't a tiny country village. Again, that shouldn't matter. But, it was in the city, at a mall. I guess a good lesson that there is still much to fight for. 

Freesia on Feb 08 19, 20:19

Wow Latefall .Could there be any other explanation as to why the salesperson kept her waiting ?
Whenever I 've had to wait to get service - never hours as far as I can remember ,I think it's because the sales staff haven't seen me - I 'm invisible ! 
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