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Oct 26 20, 16:52


by latefall, (

I've never been involved in politics. I've never believed that politics are effective in any way. Rather I've viewed it as a game. The player with the most money wins. Just as in poker, you may find an exception occasionally. But, that is not the norm.
In the 2016 presidential election 58.1% of those eligible to vote did so. So, the majority spoke. What if this happens again? What if the majority
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Taurus56 on Jan 19 21, 09:01

I feel sorry for you. You obviously dont research much of the information you give because I have. For some reason you dont or wont look at what God tells us about our government. You dont know much about Republicans or democrates or your outlook on life would be different. Most democrates I know are so full of hatred that they actually see socialism and communism as the way life should be. I dont. I love my freedom and my God. The last democratic president I could agree with was JFK. Democrates are so far to the left it's sad and scary for them. 
latefall on Jan 13 21, 17:04

Taurus, you love your country, and you are passionate about it. That's a good thing. Here's where I stand. And the fact that I am three minorities has a lot to do with how I feel. My perspective is that of a Christian lesbian woman of color. First, I do not believe in politics. As a Christian, my only allegiance is to God. I can pledge loyalty to no one else. The Bible gives clear instruction on what to do in any circumstance. I do not look to a political leader for guidance. Now, having said that, my job as a Christian is too look out for my brothers and sisters who may not have what I have. Access to food, shelter, medical help. That would push my dial more to the Democratic side. Next, I want the right to have a legal wife. Again, Republicans oppose that. And, I want to live in a country where I don't want have to explain to my sons why it is unsafe for them to step outside the house. I welcome change and inclusion. There are things that I find distasteful, but why do I have to make a law that then no one else can do what I don't like? As for building the country ob Christian values, what about separation of church and state? Then if you are atheist, agnostic, Jewish, Bhuddist, etc, and you were born in this country, are you still American?
Speaking for myself, the country you want is the way it was in the 1800s. A country where you went along with the program or was shot or hung. NO diversity. NO compromise. The world that the Republicans project is all warm and cozy. Like back to Leave it to Beaver times. Maybe that's a comfortable place for you. But, that's not warm and fuzzy for me. Not the world I wish to live in. (Not as a woman, a woman of color, or a lesbian) We will just have to agree to disagree. 

Taurus56 on Jan 13 21, 03:45

Thank you for the tip. I feel my opinion is truthful and can back it up. I just get so tired of people pointing fingers when they should be pointing them back at theirselves. Democrates have lost the love and respect for America and what it stands for. They have been going down hill since JFK. They have no policy's to make us a prosperious country, they are taking are freedoms away and you dont even see it. First it's covid to keep us shut in, then its mask wearing when its been proven that the masks dont do shit to protect us from covid, now they want to tear down the boarder wall and let illeagals in to destroy our financial system which we Americans have built, then they want to raise taxes after we just got tax relief from our current President. They have down nothing but encourge violence and looting to destroy small business and last but not least they are dead set against our creator cant got to church but you can burn and loot, kill the unborn babies. Wake up! your going down the wrong path. 
latefall on Jan 10 21, 08:15

Taurus56 and I have been down this path before. I would gladly welcome discussion with her if she were interested. She is not, and never has been. And that is fine with me. What I needed her to know is that I consider the others on here friends and sisters. She is not to use any of my posts to insult or belittle anyone. And, as a final note...whilst I go and buy some history books, may I suggest a thesaurus for Taurus? Perhaps to expand her vocabulary? Just a suggestion. 

Rachele on Jan 10 21, 07:32

Free speech always brings the responsibility.
One can say whatever one wants but being offensive usually doesn't lead to anything good.
What I don't understand in general discussion nowadays is why can't people truly discuss without calling others with names? Do some people really think they would be heard better by doing so? That their words would turn more important??

Usually you start calling people by downgrading names when you have run out all the content in your sentences.  

Rachele on Jan 10 21, 07:23

Claiming democrats in USA communists is as ridiculous than claiming Donald Duck being a real person. They might have socialist features in their political agenda but that is different than being a communist. If one urges others to go back to read e.g. history books, one should understand some very basic definitions and concepts oneself first... 

latefall on Jan 09 21, 13:11

I welcome free speech. Free speech and respect can be synonymous. And please respect my right to be Democratic, Socialist, and/or Communist. However, neither myself, or any of my friends here are pigs. 

Taurus56 on Jan 09 21, 09:32

you need to get back into your history book, democrates are socialist and communistic and it started after JFK was shot. If you dont like my free speech go live somewhere where its socialist and communistic...harris is the definition of socialist pig! read! 
latefall on Jan 09 21, 03:43

@Taurus56 If you had replied that you don't like her position on health care, or you don't like her position on human rights I could respect that. But, what you wrote is disrespectful on all levels. I will ask that you not spew venom in one of my threads. Start your own, and have at it. But, my posts are for intelligent, respectful conversations. Thank you. 

Taurus56 on Jan 07 21, 21:33

Because she is a communist socialist pig.... 
Freesia on Nov 08 20, 13:55

Why would Vice president Harris be seen as a threat to The US ? 
Taurus56 on Nov 05 20, 13:36

Its not about politics. Its about freedom or socialism and communism. Biden is a front for Harris...ghe real threat to the US. 
Rachele on Nov 03 20, 01:12

I have been mostly listening the candidates own words.... But hey, you are very fortunate if you are the one knowing the ultimate truth. Peace. 

Taurus56 on Nov 03 20, 01:04

I dont know where you get your information but you cant believe the media anymore. The democratic party is pushing the hate here in the US. No one likes Trump because he has done everything he said he was going to do for this country. He doesn't lie. He won't kiss the democrates ass thats why they hate him. He is not a politician. Thats what makes him a great President 
Rachele on Nov 03 20, 00:47

Looking from far away from US I am nothing but surprised and disappointed. The gap between US people seems bigger than the gap between many nations. The country that always has been so proud of its rich cultural background, where immigration has been part of it suddenly draws lines and borders.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

It's surreal what is told out there and how people have started hating. Really HATING.

Trump's tweet "I love Texas" was shocking. It looks like there is a president who is so afraid of democratic elections that it is ok for him that political opponents are harassed while they are campaigning.

Sorry to say, but some countries are happy at the moment. China and Russia are smiling when US is breaking into two groups.

I really hope, that whoever wins the election will finally try to be a President for everybody in US. And respect towards other people will return - even towards your political opponents.

A strong and decent USA would be needed in this world. ☮️ 

latefall on Oct 31 20, 03:53

You are 100% correct Eddie. When there is an Us vs Them mentality there is no communication happening. My one suggestion would be to not wait until an election year to try and talk to each other. Bridging the gap between those on the left and the right is key. No one wants to compromise because right now it looks as if each side are extremist. We all really have more in common than differences.  

EddieVonCheffie on Oct 30 20, 22:33

I've written and rewritten my comment multiple times but can't seem to get the right words. But short version - the American people need to look beyond the politics and work on fixing this country starting at the local, grassroots level. And yes I think Love Thy Neighbor is a big part of the solution. Maybe more later. 
Taurus56 on Oct 28 20, 15:17

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who would not evevn follow that way of thinking. I am glad we DO NOT have a politician as my president. I. Will vote for him again. Its our freedom or bidens socialist bullshit. I for one choose freedom, i choose Trump.  
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