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Jan 07 21, 19:30

Sad Day

by latefall, (

It has occurred to me that when I write I must seem pessimistic. I don't consider myself a pessimist. But, rather a realist. If you put a pile of crap in a beautiful box it is still a pile of crap.
So, the fact is, I was not at all surprised by yesterday's tragedy. I also believe there is more violence to come. This is why I couldn't be elated that Biden won. I knew there would be violence. Half
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latefall on Jan 10 21, 08:28

The line about lies turning to fact reminds me of an interview I saw during the election process.
A reporter said they were using an electronic fact checker during Trumps speeches. If something wasn't true a bell would ding, and the truth would print at the top of the screen. The reporter said the computer could hardly keep up with the lies. They began to call it the Pinnochio Meter. But what was even worse, the Trump supporters didn't care. I suppose you can become desensitized to lies? How do you help a people who don't care what the truth is?
And yes. I'm afraid there is more violence to come. My only question is, 'how will the Pied Piper call his followers? He has been banned from all social media. It's sad and intriguing at the same time. 

Rachele on Jan 10 21, 07:55

I agree with you, Late. Biden's win is not changing USA just like that, but it was so important to stop the horrible abuse of power in the White House. I have never seen as much hatred and disrespect spread from the highest position of US. The riot to the Capitol was only one consequence, more will happen e.g. on Biden's inauguration day, I am afraid.

If I remember right it was Goebbels who said that repeating a lie enough will turn the lie into a fact (an alternative fact....). And in populism the very basic starting point is to demonize your opponent. I think both parties in USA are guilty of doing so. Hence you now have a mountain to climb in order to reach "the other side".

Democrats opposing everything Republicans suggest and vice versa. The other party wins at next elections and starts tearing down what other previously built. In the country it feels nothing changes, people stop believing in politics and there will be space for populists who end up doing exactly the same errors. A vicious circle that easily strengthens conspiracy theories and disbelief in common good.

I hope there will faster than soon be more space for real politics (politics originally means taking care of COMMON issues) in USA and in many other countries as well. :hug 

anemone on Jan 09 21, 17:26

These are the words of a realist & I agree with them. How far we've strayed from the Declaration of Independence & the Bill of Rights, the very foundations of our country. How often has the concept of free speech been twisted and misused ? As George Orwell so rightly put it in his novel "Animal Farm" :
We're all equal here, but some are more equal than others. (sigh). 
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